Three Reasons Your Story Got Rejected

Submission Guidelines
If I rejected your story in just a day recently, it was most likely because you didn’t follow our submission guidelines. I got tired of explaining this in our replies, so I’ve decided to put it up here for those that care enough to study our website before submitting to us.

So far, we have received a few dozen submissions, but sadly most of them didn’t follow our guidelines. And this is very disappointing, not only because we have had to reject some good stories on that account, but because most, if not all, of these rogue submissions were from Nigerians.

Yes, we have a soft spot for stories by Africans but that doesn’t mean we should tear our house rules down just to express that preference. No. Any story that doesn’t follow the guidelines will automatically be rejected.

I discovered that some of the stories we received, especially from Nigeria, have been published on their authors’ personal blogs, and these authors made no attempts to state that they were submitting for reprints. Therefore I thought I should make it clear here that, although we consider reprints, we will probably not consider stories that have appeared on personal blogs.

For original stories, we buy first world rights for six months. That means your story must not have appeared anywhere else before and, if we accept it, must remain that way until we have had the chance to publish it exclusively on our website. Six months after publication, the author can do whatever he likes with the story.

On the issue of poor formatting, I may have made a few exceptions and considered some stories that weren’t formatted properly in the past, but I have decided that I can’t do this anymore. These submissions with stylish fonts and decorative borders are beginning to pile up, and the more I try to read them, the more my eyes hurt.

From now on, any manuscript that isn’t properly formatted will be rejected as soon as we open it. So if you are not conversant with how to format your work properly, go here before submitting to us.