Author: Sub-saharan Magazine

Sub-saharan Magazine is an online weekly dedicated to publishing speculative fiction with an African flavour. We also publish a quarterly Anthology of the best of our stories. We believe that Africa is generally underrepresented in the fantasy and Science Fiction genres, and we want to fill that void. Therefore, most of the pieces we publish are either written by Africans or have African speculative fiction written all over them. This doesn’t mean we don’t welcome submissions from other parts of the world. In fact, we will accept anything from anywhere if it possesses a mix of speculative elements and some rare African cultures and traditions. In order words, make us think of a magical, mystical, or futuristic Africa.

After the Reception

I never knew my mom and dad. I remember them though. I remember the way they felt, the way they moved, across silicon and light. The way they spoke to each other. Even the way they fought.


I remember so clearly how my dad felt the first time he met her. The first time he lost her.

He was barely a thousand years old, still a kid, really. They’d both had their bodies back then, and genders or sex. Whichever. Either way, she was still a she, and he was still a he. It’s strange, looking back, how important biology was to us human beings then. Just a couple thousand years later my dad could barely remember what it meant to be a man. I suppose it couldn’t have meant very much at all.

They met at a waystation in what we then thought of as “deep space”. He was in an Artistic Cycle, trying desperately to capture, in oil on canvas, the effect of radiation streaming off a nearby quasar.

She’d arrived on a raft destined for that very quasar.

I remember that he’d found her cool, objective as a mirror. And not very impressed with his work, a failure in judgment that he wrote off as a consequence of the cognitive reassignment that came with her switching from a Legal to a Scientific cycle.