A Beautiful Kill ~ John C. Mannone

          The wildebeest— with formidable horns curved and hooked to gore, musculature evident in Serengeti sun, hooves heavy as iron, agile as a gazelle’s           —prepare to cross the Mara River.                     Nile crocodiles lie in wait,           their backs rippled like quiet water.           Black eyes, like hungry bugs           hatching from shadows of waves,                     survey the herd at water’s [...]

The Human Thing ~ WOLE TALABI

<Load Text File Evidence/OSAS/Encrypted_H-Mail_to_active_ENIX_members> Transmitter: [UNKNOWN – SOURCE TRACE FAILURE] Reception Date: Hour 16.45, Day 243, Year 2505. Subject: “Prepare Yourselves” Receivers: [UNKNOWN – SOURCE TRACE FAILURE] When the hunger and the bombs came, we forgot our heritage of independence and reasoning. We descended into an abyss of sheep-like senselessness. We gave them our obedience, [...]