ICONS OF DISDAIN ~ Ifedayo Ogunyemi

They were beggars

Canvassing for votes

Just like alms

Soliciting for our approval.

To get them there,

Into their presumed promised land,

They promised everything;

They promised to serve us.

We voted them in.

We even paid them salaries.

Now we are their slaves,

At the suffering ends.

The saviours of the people

Have now become office loafers

In attires of labour

Patriots in the descending order.

In an atmosphere

Filled with acute heat

Worthy of a bakery,

We conjure to learn,

Listening to faint voices

From the wilderness

Broadcasting the gospel of academics

To tiring eardrums.

They’re trying to kill the future,

Frustrating the corporate will of their followers,

Who had voted them in.


They are barons of incompetence,

Who are there not to serve us,

But to enrich their purses.


Ifedayo Ogunyemi is a journalist, poet, a lover of God, music and he loves reading literatures, newspapers, magazines and journals.

He is currently studying Mass Communication at Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta where he has articles published to his name in not less than seven newspapers and magazines in the aforementioned department. In his strides into journalism, he’s had his write-ups published in several newspapers including; Platform Times, The Nation, Business Day and National Mirror.

He is the incumbent Editor of The Press Club MAPOLY (Campus Press) and has also participated in the coverage of the 2015 General Elections while working for Platform Times, an Ogun State-based newspaper.

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