African Woman ~ Ghozye Nelson

You have a head,

I have a head;

Hence, we are alike.

But you say you are man, and I am not.

Therefore, I am weak.


I have a brain,

Just like you do.

Therefore, I can think

And do the things you can.

But you insist that I am frail.


You have a mind,

I have a mind.

Thus, we both can reason.

But you say your reasoning is better,

Because I am woman.


You have a heart,

I have a heart.

I feel with my heart, just like you do.

But you act like you don’t,

And say I’m not strong.


You are man,

I am woman.

And I’m strong in my own way.

If you’d only see my works,

Maybe then you’d know my worth.


I am woman;

Not just woman,

But African woman,

The strongest of my kind.


Ghozye Nelson is an economist, a writer, and a lover of African cultures.

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