The Curse ~ Sbusiso Mnguni

In my backyard stands a colossal baobab tree, ten feet farther from the house, tall and majestic as the Nkanyamba mountains overlooking the surreal view of our village, its peaceful demeanour pervades all around it, more so when its copper arms beckon at me with a poised buoyancy from a distance, sending enthralling tingles all [...]

Scaffolding ~ Diana Nnaemeka

unsung tales of yoke unbroken mosaics of the many unlived hung undone the newborn scion betrothed to the meanders of flexile gods as ritual or phantom—I do not know which yet, we dip the newborn in the bewitching lakes as early riser or insomniac—I do not remember which yet, the forlorn sky gazer remains shackled to the [...]

Tribesmen ~ Noyor Amorighoye

“Must've been intense", remarked the light-skinned woman staring intensely into my face. I enjoyed watching the frightful apprehensiveness budding in her eyes. "A tiger you say..." "Oh my!" "Must've been quite something…" "Does it hurt?" "Can I tou…" she reached out her hand but was interrupted by the train halting. It's my stop, so I [...]

The Moon Coup ~ Moses Ameh

A rustle is heard in the vert; A mother stalks her young. A cold sinister wind howls an abominable note, a thief chances on hidden treasure; a poacher claims his price. Unsuspecting, the sun shines ever so brightly; the Earth shrieks in mortal agony. Alas! The moon plots a coup; the kin of darkness schemes [...]

Memory ~ Edwardson Ukata

A drop of helium into my soul,  like a spice.  An ingredient for independence,  or uplifting, or sadness.  Like years becoming stories,  folktales, near-lies.  Because they're too old to be remembered,  or forgotten— The taste of mama's breast milk,  the taste of African earth, The taste of pap, the sound of my favorite lullaby)— How [...]