A Stony Autobiography ~ Pijush Kanti Deb

I was set
at the very onset of the olden time
when history was just born
engraving me on a piece of stone,
diagonal to the eyes
but still straight to touch the universal heart
artists to handshake with me
appreciating me a gorgeous part of art
God-fearing to touch the dust
of my stony feet
and a hut was built around
to worship me
and then
a thief appeared
and I was stolen,
flown and sold away to a rich man
to enrich his drawing room
or simply to demonstrate his richness
to add something more
to his pride and contumacy
but the appreciation
I got
brought no flow in my blood
except a flow of tears in my stony eyes
the wonderful feeling
felt when an artist appreciated me
touching my hand
and when people
touched my feet with tearful  piety
thinking me as their earthly God.


Pijush Kanti Deb is a new Indian poet with around three hundred published or
accepted poems and haiku in around a hundred national and international magazines and journals (print and online) like Down in the Dirt, Tajmahal Review, Pennine Ink, Hollow Publishing, Creativica Magazine, Muse India, Teeth Dream Magazine, Hermes Poetry Journal, Grey Borders, Dagda Publishing , Blognostic  Black Mirror Magazine,
Dissident Voice Journal , Indiana Voice Journal Aji Magazine Calliope Magazine, Leaves of Ink Magazine and many more. His best achievement so far is the publication of his first poetry collection, “Beneath The Shadow Of A White Pigeon’’ via Hollow Publishing.

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