The Bad Bard ~ Kunle Adebajo

Shall I tell you of the bad bard
whose vices know no known bounds?

Shall I drive my quill over the papyrus,
to the life of one worse than Loki of Norse?

He is the Don Juan of the land’s leading literati,
a Hitler wielding welded words in place of the Nazi army.

Darling damsels are his favoured prey.
Flavoured lines are his most-trod way.

With his lips, he strikes the strings of their hearts’ lyres,
employing sounds so pleasant they sweeten his lies.

With his epistles, high walls are torn to shreds;
carnal cavities collide and taboos are slayed on the bed.

Shall I tell you of the bard who talks but does not speak?
Whose hand of impact is too short for the weak?

His ghostly words are like a circle starved of a point,
a maze without an end, save to whom God Himself anoints.

He tortures, with his thoughts, the mentally feeble,
yet praises himself after a fall as in the agama fable.

His muse is no different from a business partner,
aroused when currency has some say in the matter.

His tales are always of Cinderella or Helen.
He blindfolds his pen from the real agonies of men.

He is the bad bard who lives only by words,
and by nothing else may he leave this world.


Kunle Adebajo is a student of the legal trade in his fourth year. He hails from the Gateway State, precisely Ijebu-Ode local government. He enjoys speechifying, essaying and composing works of poesy. He currently occupies the office of the Editor-in-Chief, Mellanby Hall Press Organisation. He is a two-time finalist in the Christopher Okigbo Poetry Contest and a finalist as well in the 1st Professor Remi Raji Postery Contest. He equally has the privilege of winning a number of essay competitions in the past. He definitely hopes to win more too. ‘Kunle is a grey supremacist and when he is not busy writing or sleeping with a book in hand, he watches movies that make him feel smarter.

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