Of Men and Places ~ Tolulope Ogedengbe


I do not belong here.

passion has brought me into this place.


The walls here are full of faces,

Familiar faces of street urchins

Who beg solemn alms from dawn to dusk.


I am here in this place of tussles

Where muscles are stretched in the struggle for survival.


The men here hustle through thick and thin,

Only to eat the bread of sorrow.



They do not sleep here,

And you dare not snooze…


The men here walk themselves into the dusk,

And watch the night sleep before their eyes.


Here is a place of unending plights

Littered with follicles of struggles…


Men find survival here,

They do with unclosed eyes.


I am here in this place of tussles

Where men rest their uneasiness behind toils.


Ogedengbe Tolulope Impact is a Nigeria born poet and teacher. His poem “Tell them” was a shortlisted poem at the Korea-Nigeria poetry feast, 2017. His works have been published in Duane poetree, Words Rhymes & Rhythms, Literary planet, Wax poetry and art magazine, Parousia Magazine and various anthologies including the Brigitte Poirson poetry contest, 2018(Citadels of words).

Photo Credit: Photo by Dazzle Jam from Pexels

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