I am Africa ~ Akinlabi Ololade

I am the product of an aged heritage,

My father’s fathers were erudite sages

With replete basins of wisdom.

Out of me came fifty-three vast kingdoms


My skin is a glittering coal,

Gleaming like a ripe avocado.

I am the rubbles of darkness in the night

And still the stripes of brightness at night


In me are numerous temples of beauty,

I am a replica of my pretty mother.

Chubby. As dark as ebony.

I own ample wealth and honey, I do not lack.


Found in me are chunky mountains;

Between them are sacred fountains:

The oceans, the Nile and the gurgling lakes,

As pure as the sheen eyes of daybreaks.


You can find in me the greener pasture,

I am that fertile land with organic manure.

My body carries ego and the identity of pride

When you behold me, you shall see a noble pride.


I am the A in Accordance,

The F in Fertility,

And the R in Redemption.

I am the I in Indispensable,

The C in Cultural Value,

And the A in Abundance.

I am Africa.



Ololade Akinlabi was a nominee for Nigeria Writers Award 2017 and a two-time winner of Poet in Nigeria 10-day poetry Challenge. He emerged as the second runner up in Youth Shades international poetry contest in 2017. He was shortlisted for Albert Jungian poetry prize in the same year.

Photo Credit: Photo by Dazzle Jam from Pexels

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