Every Bird Has A Broken Song ~ Olaniyi Ololade Moses

Last night, I heard you sing out the scars in your voice.

It was a depiction of how death lurches in your throat,

And grief burns like an inferno in your tummy.

Your wings drop like dried leaves in harmattan.


The winds beat your wings

As your feathers flutter to the song of the storms.

You want to fly, but you fall.

You rise, and you fall again.

Even the land has become tired of your fainting body.


A boy is a forlorn bird

Who wants to sing a beautiful song,

But broken stories itch his throat.


You want to sing again,

But your pain resounds in your song.


The winds break your wings.

You droop like a tired kite.

You only see your grief

As it drifts through space like smoke.


Every boy is a bird that wants to sing

And each time they sing,

Their voices echo

The pains that rove around their scarred skins.



Olaniyi Ololade Moses hails and writes from the north-central part of Nigeria. He is the author of Flames Of Love (A collection of love poems). He studied Mass Communication at Kwara State Polytechnic. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Silver Birch Press, Kalahari Review, Praxis Magazine, Tuck Magazine, The Quil’s Journal, Libretto Magazine, EroGospel, Blue Minaret and elsewhere. Olaniyi believes in the power of words. You can find him on Twitter @Olaniyiololade6.

Photo Credit: Photo by J SWING from Pexels

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