Amen and Serendipity ~ Edaki Timothy

~ tomorrow, when God calls from the heavens, we will say Amen

because we have learnt that broken things don’t fly

they don’t soar, they search through the dirt waiting for redemption.


~ today, we will lift our voices like cherubs and sing away the filth that clads our body.

with black-winged cherubs screaming for salvation at their loudest pitch. empty vessels hoping for rebirth.


~ yesterday, would have been the best time to remain unsoiled and clean,

bereft of the dirt that now weighs down our bodies.


but we are learning, learning that sometimes God comes in unexpected things like a smile, a deep dream and the sound of your voice saying Amen.



Edaki Timothy is a Nigerian writer who never writes, except there’s a gun to his head. His works have been published in both local and international platforms. He is a beans and fried potatoes activist. Find him tweeting @timothyedaki

Photo Credit: Photo by Swapnil Sharma from Pexels

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