The Woman of The Hibiscus ~ Serena Piccoli

I sleep

in a hut of palms

with you and the restless woodworm


as the sun comes up

with the elegance of the hibiscus

you leave on a pilgrimage of wishes


I watch over

dry banana trees and wannabe mangoes

and I lose to cards with Monkeys


When in the afternoon all stops

nothing stops:

orange\green veils along the road

sell baobab fruits

(that I don’t buy, cos you don’t like them)

the saucepan on the ground steams cinnamon fumes

and tree roots pop out of the lagoon


the first Mangrove Moon leaves the boats on the shore

and brings you back home

with an empty booty

and melancholy in your pocket.


I sleep

in the echo of Monkeys laughing

with you and your restless brainworm



Serena Piccoli is an Italian poet, playwright, performer, artistic director. Her political chapbook “silviotrump” was published in 2017 by Moria Poetry, Chicago, USA. Her poems feature in anthologies and magazines in UK, USA, Canada, Italy and Romania. She is a lesbian transfeminist human rights advocate. ​Twitter: @piccoli_serena

Photo Credit: Photo by Talha R from Pexels

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