The Moon Coup ~ Moses Ameh

A rustle is heard in the vert;

A mother stalks her young.

A cold sinister wind howls an abominable note,

a thief chances on hidden treasure; a poacher claims his price.

Unsuspecting, the sun shines ever so brightly;

the Earth shrieks in mortal agony.

Alas! The moon plots a coup;

the kin of darkness schemes its ascendancy.

A big bell clings and clangs;

a big clock ticks and tocks;

a mother smothers her young.

High tide washes up news from afar,

an amateur plucks his strings with ease; a virtuoso fidgets and fumbles.

The roar of a waterfall fades into a whimper,

The sun breathes its last.

Alas! The moon takes its crown;

the kin of darkness its right.

Moses Ameh is a Nigerian writer, idealist and critical thinker. He loves listening to audio books and is enhthusiaitic for positive change. He can be contacted on twitter: @AmehMoses_E and instagram: @amehmoses_e.

Photo Credit: Photo by mododeolhar from Pexels

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