Goodnight, Walter ~ Ghozye Nelson

Most people knew you as a great writer,

But you were also a great negotiator.

Never went back on your words,

Strong-headed, but kind-hearted.


“Egwu a m na-agu, o naghi e mee exist o”

Was your theme song whenever we talked

It always cracked me up.

That song will be missed.


You would act tough, Piss me off to the core

Then you’d laugh, and say

“If I treat you like my friend and do this for free,

You wouldn’t know it’s worth.”


You were always working on something new,

There was always a budding story.

You hardly ever ran out of ideas

And never settled for less than you deserved.


If you ever hear that tears fell from my eyes

I’m sure you’d laugh your head off.

But underneath your thick skin and hard skull

Was a young man with a good heart.


You’ve left this world,

But you live on in our hearts, every day.

Goodnight, Walter.


Emeka Walter Dinjos was the founder of Sub-Saharan Magazine. He was a winner of the Writers of the Future award. His works have appeared in The Literary Hatchet, Beneath the Ceaseless Skies, Deep Magic and lots of other notable literary platforms. His works were centred around sci-fi and fantasy, and his stories portrayed the beauty of Nigerian cultures.  In his own words, “…when he writes, this rich cultural heritage becomes the heart of his prose.” Walter always said he wanted to achieve immortality and remain young forever. He got his wish, because now he lives in our hearts forever.

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