A Darkened Home ~ Olaseni Kehinde Precious

Welcome to a darkened home

Where snakes dominate the trees,

And happy birds fly with a heart fearful of returning home,

Where children are dogs at night.


Welcome to a darkened home,

Where sword and pistol daily speak in unison

Nurturing the land with red wine,

A place the sun refuses breeze to put its legs down


Welcome to a darkened home,

Where animals are crown and Sceptre

Living high on the hogs,

With the Kola of children


Welcome to a darkened home,

Where truth is enshrouded with a piece of Kola;

While unstained hands dance to the tune of anguish

A place where fire hushes the mouth of fire


Welcome to a darkened home,

Where sheep are led by herdsmen;

Leaving the staff of a shepherd bent

A place where Shepherds turn Wolves


Welcome to a darkened home,

Where Snakes press the face of Kola into their stomach;

Listening to fury of their famished children with their ears blocked

And keep blessing their stomach that never cries


Welcome to a darkened home,

Where the snakes promise the whole world drifting their talks in lease;

Swallowing an ocean and vomiting on a sprouted flower in another abode

Leaving their withered plant un-watered


Welcome to a Darkened home;

Where children are in hunger of escape

From the den of Snakes with crown

A place where children wish they never open the door


Welcome to a darkened home,

Where strangers are now timorous of beckoning children

Welcome to a darkened home,

The place where my eyes first saw the earth.


Olaseni Kehinde Precious with the sobriquet Pen Kenny is a native of Akure, Ondo state Nigeria and an Undergraduate at the great citadel of learning; Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Osun state, Nigeria. She’s an enthusiast of writing and as a result of this spurred her being a member of the Association of Nigerian Authors ( ANA)  OAU chapter where she serves as the online publicity manager. Kenny has written plays, poems articles mostly featured in online magazines and recently her poem “The Giant Antique” was published in 84 Delicious bottles of wine anthology. She loves to play with literary alphabets and guided by the philosophy, “The world is too complex for a pen to be idle.”

Photo credit: Photo by Ban Yido on Unsplash

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