Harvest of Thorns ~ Adams Raphael

Help me to forget

The land with devastated buildings,

The smokes without fire,

The trees lying lifeless, and

The soldiers running restless.


Help me to forget

The forever dead ends,

The runaway parents,

The massacred children, and

The whirlwind that swept their hope.


Help me to forget

The konga without boom boom,

The singers without a song,

Writers without no muse, and

The people without a voice.


Help me to forget

The places of worship without believers,

The blemish leaders’ criticism,

The prayers of blindfolded preys, and

The tampered treasury.


The time to reap has arrived,

With an uncountable gathering

Of the young and the old,

To harvest our failed past and present.

Our produce brought forth thorns.



Adams Raphael is a poet from Edo state originally but resides in Ogun state Nigeria. A student of the University of Benin studying English and Literature. He is focused on bringing new ideas to make the world a better place.

Photo Credit: Photo by Thu Trang from Pexels

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