Setting Sun ~ Rahma Jimoh

We are chandeliers with crystal brightness,

The sun embraces us from her residence

We have sinned against our souls & soils,

Forgive our faults & let this hunger go down

With the setting sun.


We are rivers flowing into springs,

Cliffs, gulfs, we fall into ourselves —water.

No one resents water, may this thirst go down

With the setting sun.


We traded our dialect for slavery,

Ravished our culture to corruption

This land is ravaged, ruined & wrecked.

The soils are tilled to impunity,

the fruits are ripe & mildewed now.


We have seen our sins with our naked eyes,

They make us want to dig our soles into the carpet grass,

Embrace us and brace this race for us.

Let our commas,

Go down,  with

The setting sun.



Rahma O. Jimoh is a young Nigeria writer, poet, and student. Some of her works have appeared or are forthcoming in the Mamba Journal, Hedgerow, Praxis, Brittle paper, The Quills, The Wales Haiku Journal, Funminiyi anthology(Si(GH)lent nights) and elsewhere. She’s a lover of nature, humanity, tourism and adventure. She blogs at IG/Twitter @Dynamic_Rahma.

Photo Credit: Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

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