Dark Times ~ Praise Osawaru

For three days it has rained intermittently The stalks have altered their stance into an eternal bow / and the roads are now mud-colored. My neighbor’s house now glugs water through an open roof— the aftereffect of an ardent rainstorm.   My dad says God is attempting to cleanse the earth from darkness and the [...]

Setting Sun ~ Rahma Jimoh

We are chandeliers with crystal brightness, The sun embraces us from her residence We have sinned against our souls & soils, Forgive our faults & let this hunger go down With the setting sun.   We are rivers flowing into springs, Cliffs, gulfs, we fall into ourselves —water. No one resents water, may this thirst [...]

Ọbalúayé ~ Jide Badmus

You held the sun By the throat, Made love to darkness. She screamed your name —But your name, Sopona, Is not to be spoken— We fell to the Wrath of earth. The air we breathe Stalks us Water can't cleanse this curse. you are death, You are antidote. The sun is your wife, The moon, [...]

Berbere ~ James Murren

Driving home from the office on Addis Ababa evenings, but not all,   The berbere makers would grind chiles and spices into a mix   In small mills on the back streets, the smells floating over the beeswax   Candlestick sellers and men drinking coffee, passing through the car window.   Berbere is found in [...]